Thoughts and behaviors that sabotage your weight loss efforts

What Is Self-Sabotage
Are you your worst enemy?

Often we, as humans are and it gets in the way of our own dreams, goals, and successes. We act against our own self-interest, self-destruct at our own hand, procrastinate, stop doing something that we know is good for us, and prevent our own selves from achieving something that makes us better. As our own inner critic continues to sabotage our efforts, we often wonder why things turn out as they do.

According to Psychology Today, “Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals”

When it comes to weight loss, selfsabotage can manifest itself through our internal dialogue and behaviors. Acts and thoughts of self-sabotage deceive us into thinking they are helpful, when in fact, they ultimately undermine our efforts, especially when we continue to do so for a long period of time.

Procrastination is one of the main forms of self-sabotage, and when it comes to weight loss,
procrastination often prevents people from achieving a healthy weight, but there are other
forms of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors that keep us from achieving weight loss goals.

2 Reasons For Self-Sabotage
There are many reasons why people sabotage themselves, but two of the most significant are
self-perception and fear.

One of these reasons for self-sabotage is how we feel about ourselves. The spectrum of those
feelings can range anywhere between self-hatred to narcissism. Regardless, it is our own internal voice, how we truly feel about ourselves deep inside that guides our thoughts and subsequent behaviors.

For example, if we suffer from low self-esteem or worse yet self-loathing our inner dialogue will reflect scripts of unworthiness of things, which are good for us. In this case, we are often guided by our own critical inner voice that is always there within us to deny ourselves.

The Inner Voice
When the critical inner voice is loud, it can interfere with our ability to implement and succeed in self-supportive actions and goals, one of the biggest of which is weight loss.

While some may think this ridiculous, after all a voice like that is destructive and any smart
person would shut it down, the truth is that it’s easier said than done when in fact the human
psyche and our emotional and mental states are quite complex.

That voice can trick us with subliminal dialogue that can be rather deceptive. For example, instead of directly telling us, “You don’t deserve to lose weight and be healthy,” it will instead sabotage us with flattery and seemingly self-supportive statements…

“It’s okay, you’ve got this, you lost 15 pounds already, you can handle a piece of cake”
“Wow look how much willpower you have, get off that diet already, you’re doing great
“You’re tired and stressed, take the day off from exercising”
“You’ve had a long day, you’re too tired to cook, go ahead, and grab a burger and fries”

This dialogue appears self-supportive and complimentary, when in fact it is not as all these scripts lead back to self-defeat.
As the dialogue continues, and we follow, it takes us further and further from the goal.

Then when we fail once again to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, that voice kicks us hard, “what a loser,” “ha, you failed again,” “you can’t do anything right,” which only goes to feed the negative perception we have of ourselves.

As sad and painful as this sounds, we become used to this type of inner dialogue and therefore allow it to control our actions, after all it reflects how we feel about ourselves.Thus we become comfortable with it and it continues.

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can make even the strongest and bravest of man cower, and often it holds us back from achieving what we yearn for. In regards to weight loss, fear is often a significant driving factor for self-sabotage.

• Fear of the unknown
• Fear of failure
• Fear of change
• Fear of something new
• Fear of the effort it takes to change habits and lifestyle
• Even fear of how a new body may change our lives
• Fear that if we lose all the weight, we will gain it back and hate ourselves

These are very real considerations that require introspection and confrontation on the deepest
levels within ourselves.


Thoughts that sabotage your weight loss efforts

The motivation to be attractive may seem like it’s a big deal, but once you get hungry you will easily forget about those people to whom you want to become likable. There are far more important things about attractiveness than looks. No matter how good you look, people will get used to it quickly and go on to look for other traits you may have that they can find attractive.

Moreover, and most important, being more attractive is usually not enough of a motivating
factor to keep you on track, and rarely stands up to cravings, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.
Whether you want to be healthier, feel lighter on your feet, have more energy to play with your kids, or fit into a hot dress, those are your best reasons, and not any external sources, which are never a strong enough motivator to keep you going.

The greatest success comes when you do it for yourself

The truth is that statement is backwards, you must first like yourself, which motivates you to lose weight.It is okay not to be satisfied with yourself if you do not like the fact that you are overweight, but the only way you can achieve any goal is to work with yourself, rather than against yourself.

Lasting, weight loss success can only be achieved when you do it for yourself.

Willpower is misleading, and plays a lesser role in weight loss than people think.
The key to lasting weight loss success is making profound habit changes and shifting mindset
towards a healthy lifestyle and a big part of that is learning to enjoy a new way of living and

Diets don’t work; they only keep from your ultimate goal.
Lasting weight loss comes from making profound lifestyle habit changes in diet and exercise.

How many diets have you tried in your life? 10? 15? 40? If diets worked, you would have been done with the first one.

Again, the key to lasting weight loss success is making profound habit changes and shifting
mindset towards a healthy lifestyle and a big part of that is learning to enjoying a new way of
living and eating.

This is the most perfect self-sabotage statement. Think about it, you’ve already lost without ever entering the game.

Another classic excuse to avoid the effort, work and maybe face the fears of making the changes necessary to change.

Final Thoughts
Self-sabotage can be a serious detriment to achieving our weight loss goals. It is important to
consider and address these issues in order to ensure success in weight loss and even in other
areas of our lives.

It never hurts, and often helps to seek professional help in exploring these issues, especially if
they have been a life-long problem. A qualified counselor or therapist can help you identify why you self-sabotage if you are not able to stop this behavior on your own.

Stay well and take care!

Lose Belly Fat Fast Before it is too Late

Are you trying to achieve the perfect summer body? Do you want to get rid of the problematic belly fat that has been bothering you for a long time now? Don’t worry! We have got it covered for you here. Read ahead and find out ways to lose belly fat fast.

Why Does Belly Fat Occur?

Belly fat is just an accumulation of fat layers around your lower abdomen region. There are two types of belly fat.

The first one occurs mainly around the visceral part. This part includes the organs. Another type of belly fat is subcutaneous, which accumulates underneath the skin.

Out of the two, the belly fat, which contributes towards visceral obesity is much more harmful than subcutaneous fat.

There are various ways in which a person can gain belly fat. A large part of this fat accumulation is because of a poor diet. Anything which has an excess of fat contents tends to harm the body.

However, some of these fats are called good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is essential for your body and is better known as HDL (high-density lipoprotein). Anything other than these fats is not suitable for your body. Thus, it disrupts your body’s metabolism.

Other factors that contribute to belly fat accumulation could be high-stress levels. People who have an office desk job that lasts for 10 hours or more daily constitute a higher percentage of people with belly fat.

This is also due to lack of movement, which brings us to another point: lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle adds to obesity. People who do not engage in workout routines also have a higher tendency to gain belly fat because they are not burning any fat.

When Does Belly Fat Become a Problem?

Belly fat becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with our health conditions. Various diseases occur when your weight goes off the standard mark.

Once you are overweight, you will start facing the consequences. In most cases, this results in compromised health because of developing chronic medical conditions.

The first thing that belly fat will disrupt is your heart’s normal functioning. Since there is an excess of fat running along the blood vessels, it leads to deposition of it in the visceral layers of your belly.

The high levels of circulating fats have already damaged your vessels, so your cardiovascular problems start arising from here. Other issues that are linked with belly fat include:

  • Diabetes (Type 2)
  • Heart attacks
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Stroke
  • Dementia (Alzheimer’s and other diseases)
  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer

Belly Fat – just a health problem or more?

We all know that visceral obesity causes several health problems. But is your health the only thing which is compromised? Is there anything which runs is more profound than a mere health drawback regarding belly fat?

Let’s talk about bulimia nervosa. It’s a psychological eating disorder. Many people who are obese suffer from it. A person suffering from bulimia nervosa binge eats and then has a guilt trip.

Belly fat and bad food

As a result of the aftermath of this guilt trip, the person then makes himself/herself throw up all the food that was consumed earlier. Since belly fat is one of the toughest to loose, people find it hard to cope with it.

Moreover, you start having body dysmorphic disorder. This means that you do not like the way you look. You start finding flaws in your appearance.

Body dysmorphism causes so much pain to some people that they may start looking for ways to channel out this frustration through self-harm.

Since being slim and size zero is the norm, it further feeds onto your insecurities. You scroll down your Instagram feed looking at models dressed in swimsuits showing off their midriff, and it gives you a frustrating feeling.

Body shaming is also another thing that people with belly fat might face. Once someone body shames you, there is a feeling of mistrust and fear that settles in. No matter what you do, there is a huge setback to your self-esteem, which results from how your body looks.

It’s Never Too Late

This article was not written to point out flaws and make you feel worse about your situation. We want you to know that belly fat is not a lifelong condition.

What’s even better is that there are so many easy ways through which you can lose belly fat fast. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

The first thing to start with is staying motivated. There are various ways in which you can do this. You can keep a chart that will track the inches of your belly so you can see the progress that will help you in pushing harder.

The tracking works even better if you try to follow this routine with some friend or colleague. In this way, you both will be at a competition, so at the end of every two weeks, you can compare your progress and also push each other.

You might not feel like working out every day. So if you are doing it with a friend of a sibling, the motivation does not die out so fast.

Another way to work on your motivation is to look at transformation pictures of other people online. Many people post their transformation journeys which show how they trimmed extra body fat by diet and exercise.

You can read such stories to keep yourself going when you feel hopeless. Knowing that other people in the world are facing similar struggles will give you hope and also inspire you for your own goals.

How to Lose Belly Fat – time to Act

Out of all the ways that can help you with how to lose belly fat in one month, we will be focusing mainly on natural methods. By this, we mean, that the primary goal will be to provide you with guidelines that will purely include diet and lifestyle modifications.

  • Fiber: Increase fiber intake. Whenever you consume fiber, it absorbs water. This slows down gastric emptying which leaves you feeling fuller for longer durations.


  • Alcohol: Cut down on alcohol. It contributes towards belly fat because it aids in visceral fat storage.


  • Carbs: Decrease the number of carbs you take every day. This should specifically include high GI carbs. Carbs which are highly refined tend to harm the body as they also affect your body’s endocrine functions.


  • Stress: Reduce your stress levels. Whenever we are stressed, our body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol causes fat to settle around your belly. The hormone also increases hunger, thereby improving your appetite.


  • Cardio: Aerobic exercises should be your best friend. Belly fat is considered to be perhaps one of the most challenging areas to work on. Several days of hard work and lots of diets goes into building abdominal muscles. High-intensity training and cardio exercises will help you to reach your goals to lose belly fat fast.


  • Oils: Replace cooking oil with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Both these oils will not only help you to lose weight but will also aid in overcoming health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.


  • Drinks: Alcohol is a no-go area when it comes to losing belly fat, but other carbonated and sugary drinks should also be avoided. These are loaded with fructose that is harmful to your body. Instead, some drinks will help you lose belly fat faster, such as green tea, black tea, etc.


  • Sleep: Get enough sleep! You have no idea about the impact a good night’s sleep has on your health. It does improve not only your health but also your mental condition. Make sure to rest for at least six to eight hours every night.

We hope this article was helpful to you. please feel free to comment below.

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